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Garage Door Monitor/Controller (part 1)

Who hasn't forgotten the garage door open at some point... No... Must be just me getting old. :-)
Anyway I thought this would be a cool project and could give some additional feedback when door(s) are opened, closed and possibly remotely control the door.
So the basic idea to use an Arduino to monitor some sensors to see if the doors are closed and generate a message or alarm to let you know you forgotten the doors open. This alert can be after x minutes of the doors being open and potentially after even more time generate more alarts as a reminder.

Since we now have an Arduino near the garage doors we can add more functionality without a lot of extra expense, so it is also nice to have a door open/close push button for each door at a more user friendly level. And while we're at it, some environmental monitoring would be nice.
Using the MySensors library for comms and MQTT as the message pipeline makes it easy to roll out something like this fairly quickly, and will integrate…
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Easily deployable Temp and Humidity sensor

Smallish Temperature and humidity sensor.

This is my first go at using the MySensors.ORG code for distributed networking sensors and while still trying to get my head around the whole thing this is the first sensor I've put together that I can drop anywhere around the house and receive updates in my Home Automation server.

Nothing really ground braking here but, just packaged slightly different to the normal stuff  I've seen around the place.

This is only a first go at this and I'm interested in seeing how long this will run for on a pair of AA batteries without any modifications to the Arduino to reduce it's power consumption, so far i'ts only been running for 5 days.

The parts for the project are as follows.

1 x DHT22 Temp and Humidity sensor
1 x Arduino Pro Mini 3.3v/8MHz
1 x NRF24L01+ 2.4GHz Transceiver
1 x 4AA Battery holder with integrated on/off switch

Here is a photo of the packaged, I think it looks relatively neat, colour isn't the best to drop anywhe…